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Receptacle Options

For convenience and reliability, IDI offers the largest variety of receptacles in the industry. Termination options available include the wire wrap (WW), round post (RP), crimp (CR), Solder Cup (SC), Duraseal (DS), preattached wire (PW), pre-attached wire - vacuum sealed (PS), wire plug receptacle (WT), and the wire plug (WT-EZ).

Wire Wrap (WW)

.075" (1.91) Centers and Above
For .075" (1.91) centers and above, IDI offers a .025" (0.64) post with an extension of .429" (10.90). An additional post length of .694 (17.63) and 1.044 (26.52) are available. The least labor-intensive method for fixture manufacturers is commonly the preferred means of wire termination. While tooling (wire wrap gun, bits and sleeves) is required, the initial expenditures are easily justified by labor savings. 

.050" (1.27) Centers 
IDI offers two different wire wrap terminations. A .016" (0.41) square post wire wrap, .250" (6.35) extension and a .025" (0.64) square post with a .300" (7.62) extension. The tooling required for the .025" (0.64) square post on the .050" (1.27) centers receptacle is the same as the .075" (1.91) centers wire wrap posts. 

Round Post (RP)

The round post receptacle is available for use on .075" (1.91) and .100" (2.54) centers. The post length is .375" (9.53) and the post diameter is .025" (0.64). The round post can be mated to a standard edge card or other type of connector. This means of termination assures accurate and uniform contact in high- speed digital transmission applications.

Crimp (CR)

The crimp style receptacle allows the customer to manually terminate a wire to a receptacle with a specified crimping tool. The crimp receptacle requires use of a specially designed tool for wire attachment. The tools are designed by IDI specifically for each receptacle. The jaws of the crimp tool are designed to provide a gas tight crimp and conform to MIL-C-39029D when used with IDI receptacles.

Solder Cup (SC)

For low volume users of probes and receptacles, the solder cup termination method is most cost effective because it does not require any special tooling. In addition, the solder cup termination provides a solid connection between the receptacle and wire.

Preattached Wire (PW)

For a reliable connection, receptacles with preattached wire feature a military style four-jaw crimp for wire attachment. The Preattached wire receptacle is not vacuum-sealed like the DuraSeal® style receptacle. Preattached Wire receptacles are terminated with 36" long, 30 gage violet Kynar wire with a 1" semi-strip. Optional length, gage, color and insulation types are available upon request.

Preattached Wire, Vacuum Sealed (PW)

For a reliable connection, receptacles with preattached wire utilize a military style four-jaw crimp for wire attachment. This process is performed at IDI's facility so the additional step of attaching wire to the receptacle is eliminated.

  • Control of wire and insulation insertion.
  • Pull out force in excess of 2 pounds.

The standard wire for the PS receptacle is 36", 30 gage blue Kynar wire with a 1" semi-strip. Additional lengths, strips, colors, insulation types and gages are available. The PS receptacle is available for the SS30 series only.

Plug-in Receptacle (WT) and Plug-in Terminal (WT-EZ)

The plug-in terminal is available on .050" (1.27) centers. The WT-EZ terminal is designed to plug-in to any of the .050" (1.27) center WT receptacles. The terminal is supplied with preattached wire and an insulator. As with the DuraSeals®, the standard wire is 30 gage blue Kynar, 36" long with a 1" semi-strip. Additional lengths, strips, colors, insulation types and gages are available. Advantages of the new WT-EZ include:

  • Highly reliable gas tight crimp for prevention of corrosion
  • Quick wiring changes
  • Consistent insertion of wire and insulation
  • Lower insertion force into receptacle

The WT-EZ has a special insertion tool to aid in plugging it into the receptacle. These tools are custom designed for each gage of wire and stabilize the wire connection during insertion.

Installation Procedure

  1. Install receptacle using IDI flush mount or raised height RT series tool and mallet.
  2. Slide the WT insulator back 1/2 inch and insert the terminal portion of the assembly into the installation tool allowing the signal wire to exit through the slot cut in the side of the tool.
  3. Insert the terminal into the receptacle until movement stops at the change of diameters. The installation tool will now freely release.
  4. Slide insulator over the terminal and halfway onto the small diameter of the receptacle. Insulator may be seated using the installation tool in high density areas where access is limited.

Tto remove the WT-EZ terminal, slide the insulator back onto wire and pull the terminal out using a needlenose pliers or tweezers. The WT-EZ assembly will withstand many insertions and therefore easily accomodates wiring changes.

S00 Receptacles

The Size 00 and SS40 receptacle (R-00-W or R-SS-40-W) houses only the bottom portion of the probe. It is necessary to drill a second plate to support the probe as shown in the drawing below.

The R-00-W receptacle is available with a 36", 30 gage blue Kynar wire with a 1" semistrip preattached. When ordering without a wire, the R-00-T or FP-Plug plugs into the R-00-W or R-SS40-W receptacle. The R-00-T or FP-Plug is available with a 36", 30 gage blue Kynar wire with a 1" semistrip preattached, or without wire.