Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


Smiths Connectors offers termination options that arConnector Terminatione designed to preserve the many unique advantages of our connectors. Our highly reliable compression mount technology offers a solderless solution that you can count on; our PCB termination options are refined to ensure manufacturability and keep our profile low; and our cabling options are robust and adaptable.


Compression Mount

Smiths Connectors’ extensive involvement in the semiconductor test industry provides us with a wellspring of expertise in the creation of spring contact interposers that are compliant from each side. Risk-averse aerospace engineers prefer solderless connections wherever possible, and have been drawn repeatedly to our innovative solutions.
Our compressioConnector Compressionn-mount interposers feature highly developed contact designs. Our contacts, even when used in interposers having thousands of pins, mate faultlessly to their mounting PCB on the first insertion. They retain their excellent electrical characteristics through as much as 58G of shVibration Chartock and 9G RMS of vibration.

Smiths Connectors’ compression mount connectors greatly simplify the manufacturing process, and are often used where space or path to manufacturing constraints makes soldering or cabling prohibitive. By choosing a compression mount contact, users can simply drop the connector into place, assemble the unit, and be assured that all connections will be secure on the first attempt.

PCB termination

Smiths Connectors offers two highly refined options for termination by solder to a rigid or flexible printed circuit board. Our through-hole designs offer tremendous design flexibility and are ideal for a simple, tooling-free approach to custom connector implementation. Smiths Connectors’ surface mount connectors integrate easily with modern manufacturing processes, and keep connector profile to a minimum.
Through-hole contacts require no plastic body for the interposer; individual contacts may be populated directly into the PCB and soldered by hand. This is ideal for quick-turn, instantly implemented customized solutions.Surface Mount Connector

Our surface mount contacts are supported by a plastic interposer body. Smiths Connectors’ expertise in press fitting and insert molding contacts guarantees the user a reliable, trouble-free interposer.

Cable Termination

When termination to cable is desired, we offer crimp tails and solder tails for its contacts. Smiths Connectors is also well-equipped to supply cabling to customer requirements.
Cable Mount Connector