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  • Des séries complètes de connecteurs sont proposées avec l'utilisation de la technologie Quadsplitter avec les séries Mil-DTL-38999
  • Allie l'intégrité du signal des câbles Twinax et la densité de connexion des contacts Quadrax, en insérant deux câbles Twinax AWG 26 dans un contact Quadrax taille 8 standard
  • Le câble de charge a la même taille et le même poids qu'un câble de charge Quadrax 24 AWG et il offre la même souplesse et la même facilité d'utilisation

Quadrax is a system where four conductors are located within a single conducting enclosure. The connection to two separate twinax cables is accomplished without disturbing the differential or signal-to-shield impedances values. A complete series of connectors are available utilizing the Quadsplitter technology with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connector types available in shell size 11 and shell size 25 housings. Designed to ground the outer shield of a twinax or quadrax contact directly to the shell of the connector. 

In-Line Quadsplitter offers another solution for extending the distance that High Speed signals can be sent over a Quadrax architecture. We can combine the signal integrity of Twinax cables and the connection density of Quadrax contacts, by incorporating two 26 AWG Twinax cables into a standard Size 8 Quadrax contact. The resulting cable assembly is about the same size and weight as a 24 AWG Quadrax cable assembly and offers the same flexibility and ease of use. 

The In-Line Quadsplitter can be used alone or in conjunction with the In-Line Equalizer. Many customers prefer the connection density and ease of use of Quadrax cables and connectors. 

Mechanical & Environmental Specifications

Shell Style -65˚C to + 125˚C
Durability 500 Mate/Unmate cycles min.
Corrosion MIL-STD-202 Method 101              
Test Condition B
Shock MIL-STD-202 Method 213    
Test Condition B
Vibration MIL-STD-202 Method 204 
Test Condition B
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202 Method 107  
Test Condition B

Materials and Finishes

Shell & Inner Contacts Brass per ASTM-B16, Alloy UNS C36000
or BeCu per ASTM-B196, alloy UNS C17200, C17300
or Leaded Nickel Copper, alloy UNS C19500, C19600
Gold Plate per MIL-DTL-45204 Type II, Class 1
Insulators PTFE per ASTM-D1710 or ULTERM 1000

Connector Plug/
Receptacle Shell

Aluminum per ASTM-B211/221, 6061-T6
Electroless Nickel plate per SAE AMS-C-26074
or Cadmium plate per SAE AMS QQ-P-416
Gasket /Seal Silicone Rubber per A-A-59588


Contact Current Rating 3.0 Amps max.
DWV 500 VDC max
Insulation Resistance 5.000 Mega Ohms min. @ 200 VDC
Bandwidth Up to 3 Gigahertz.
Data Rates Exceeding 2 Gbits/sec
Differential Pair Cable Impedance 150 Ohm + 15 Ohm
100 Ohm + 10 Ohms
Signal to Shield Cable Impedance 75 Ohm + 10 Ohm
50 Ohm + 7 Ohms
All specifications subject to change without notice.