Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


MarketID in (29,30,55,56,60)
  • Présente un diamètre global maximum de 0,145 avec une longueur globale de 0,375 pour la paire de connecteurs accouplés
  • Une impédance caractéristique de 50 ohms maintenue sur toute la longueur de la connexion
  • ROS (1.25:1) de CC à 20 GHz.
  • Applications RF haute fréquence de CC à 20 GHz.

The SCX series offers the utmost savings in space utilization without compromising rugged mechanical performance and superior RF high frequency electrical performance. SCX connectors feature a .145” maximum overall diameter with a .375” overall length for the mated connector pair. A revolutionary designed air dielectric interface resulting in exceptional RF performance with a 50-ohm characteristic impedance maintained throughout the mated connector pair. The result is an extremely small and rugged high frequency RF connector series with exceptionally low VSWR (1.25:1) from DC to 20 GHz.

Additional Features:

  • Low VSWR (1.25:1) from DC to 20 GHz
  • Min 1,000 mating cycles without degradation
  • 50 Ohm characteristic impedance
  • Surface mount, end launch, compliant pin, press fit and PCB mounting alternatives available

Mechanical & Environmental Specifications

Temperature Rating -65˚C to + 165˚C
Corrosion MIL-STD-202 Method 101, Test Condition B
Shock MIL-STD-202 Method 213, Test Condition B
Vibration MIL-STD-202 Method 204, Test Condition B
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202 Method 107, Test Condition B
Durability 1000 Mate/Unmate cycles min.
Mating/Unmate Force 1 lb. min.      
Float Mount Constraints 0.10" full radial & 0.015 axial misalignment max

Material & Finishes

Shell Brass per ASTM B16, alloy UNS C36000
Gold plate per MIL-DTL-45204, Type II, Class 1
Center Contacts Brass per ASTM B16, alloy UNS 36000
or BeCu per ASTM-B196, alloy UNS C17200, C17300
Gold plate per MIL-DTL-45204, Type II, Class 1
Ground Spring BeCu per ASSTM-B194, alloy UNS C17200
Gold plate per MIL-DTL-45204, Type II, Class 1
Insulators PTFE per ASTM D-1710

Electrical Specifications

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500 VDC @sea level with 70% relative humidity
Insulation Resistance 5000 mega-ohms min. @ 200 VDC
Contact Current Rating 2 Amps max.
Characteristic Impedance 50 Ohm constant airline impedance
RF HI Potential Withstanding Voltage 125 VRMS @ 5 MHz
Corona Level @ 70,000 ft. Center contact to intermediate contact: 125 VAC
Permeability 2.0 max.
Frequency Range DC to 20 GHz
VSWR 1.25:1 max. (mated pair)