Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


MarketID in (30)
  • Connecteur microminiature, léger et robuste
  • Protection IP67, blindage EMI
  • Disponible en version circulaire (7, 13, 19 contacts) et rectangulaire (12, 21, 30 contacts) 
  • Excellente résistance  aux environnementales extrêmes

The SnapTac©  is a lightweight, robust, quick release, miniature connector delivering exceptional signal integrity, IP67 sealing, EMI shielding and the robustness to meet the demanding specifications required in FCS programs, such as Soldato Futuro, FIST, IDZ, and FELIN. 

It is equipped with Hypertac HyperSpring spring loaded contacts and is available in both circular (7, 13, 19 way) and rectangular (12, 21, 30 ways) version. The connector plug is offered with and without over-moulding and cabling, following requests for both turn-key solutions and easy integration into existing designs. 

The SnapTac© connector system is designed to protect the electrical interface against extreme environmental conditions such as: 

  • Dirt, sand and moisture ingress
  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • Water submersion
  • Shock
  • Humidity


Number of Rows Rectangular      12 to 21
Number of Rows Circular 7, 13, 19
Contact Termination Straight TBS, Solder cup
Nominal Current 3 A
Nominal Pin Dia. Rectangular 0,5
Spring Force (max) 1.5N
Mating Cycles 100,000
- Non functional parts
- Spring contact element
- Spring element
- Interface pin connection
- Contact terminations

Brass plated with Au or Ni
CuBe plated with 1.27 µm Au
Stainless stell AISI 302 passivated
Bronze or CuBe plated with 1.27 µm Au
Brass or Bronze plated with 1.27 µm Au