Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


  1. Smiths Connectors's ARINC 600 plug side connectors can be fitted with integrated EMI spring fingers to ensure compliance to DO-160G Category D requirements.ARINC 600
  2. Smiths Connectors's ARINC 600 receptacle side connectors can be offered with increased flange width and increased number of mounting holes and can be integrated as the entire front cover of the box assembly. This allows for improved shielding and EMI bond between the box and connector flange.
  3. Smiths Connectors's ARINC 600 plug and receptacle connectors can be fitted with front removable pin and socket contacts that freely float within the contact cavity. The benefit of this feature is the following:
    • 30% lower mating forces between plug and recept Arinc connectors.
    • Contacts can be removed and replaced easily if a single contact gets broken or bent.   Each contact contains an integrated sleeve/removal tool for ease of installation and removal.
    • Since the contacts are a separable module with a rear socket connection to the PCB contact, you can hard mount to the PCB both connector sides and eliminate the use of cumbersome and labor intensive wire crimp assemblies.
  4. Smiths Connectors's ARINC 600 connectors are machined out of solid 6061-T6 aluminum and not diecast shells.The benefit of this feature is the following:
    • Elininates porosity issues and ensures 100% sealing of mating surfaces ideal for IP 67 sealing applications.
    • Machined surfaces allows for tighter tolerances and ease of flexibility in mounting options and increased flange width possibilities.
    • Allows for additional features to be integrated into the connector shell including EMI suppression, EMP protection and other electronic components.
    • Ensures low contact resistance to ground for mounting triax, coax, quadrax and fiber optic contacts.