Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


Spring contact probes are a flexible, adaptable contact technology, and Smiths Connectors has extensive experience in creating solutions to unusual problems. That design agility often finds its appliProbe Housingcation in the housing of the connector, which provides the alignment and latching functions for the connector. Special features to accommodate environmental sealing, low-force insertion or quick-disconnect extraction, or a host of other requirements are at your disposal. Contact us to find out more about how we can make your application a success.

Environmental Sealing

The ruggedness and reliability of spring contact probes make them particularly attractive for applications in harsh environments. We have a wide array of available features which permit sealing to IP68 or Mil standards in either the mated or unmated condition.

AccomplishProbe Gasketing a seal while mated is a simple process of combining gaskets with a latching mechanism reliable enough to prevent ingress, and Smiths Connectors has several variations on that architecture to draw from.

Creating an unmated seal is more challenging, but Smiths Connectors is up to the task. Contacts may be selected which prevent ingress into the housing or even into the spring cavity. Smiths Connectors’ experience is the key to our success – our experts can easily match your requirements to our product line, granting confidence out of the gate.

Other Features

Connectors can be created which feature metal housings for shielding. Special latching designs can be Probe Blockemployed to overcome significant engagement or sealing forces. Bayonet designs which wipe the contacts across a field of targets are uniquely possible with spring contact probes.

Quick Disconnect

Probe Quick DisconnectSmiths Connectors capitalizes on the unique engagement of spring contact probes with our innovative quick disconnect connector designs.  

Magnets may be used to draw the connector into engagement. This, combined with the blind mate characteristic of probes, allows the connector to be disengaged safely and instantly. Magnetic engagement features almost no wear of the engaging surfaces, and may be mated and de-mated repeatedly with no degradation in performance.
Probe Magnet
Where magnets are impractical for reasons of engagement force, sealing, or other considerations, we can create special latching features which also permit a quick disconnection. These may be designed for a single break or for repeated disengagement, depending on the requirements of the application.