Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


The interposer, or contact array, is the heart of the connector. It is also SmithsInterposers Connectors’ specialty as the world’s leading spring contact probe manufacturer we are uniquely positioned to bring the advantages of this contact mechanism to life. Smiths Connectors is able to bring our customers the most benefit when providing a total solution, but we can provide our technology at any level. Loose contacts, simple interposers, cabled mating halves, and complex docking solutions are all within our portfolio.

Insertion Life

Spring contact probes are driven by helical coil springs. Combining helical coil springs with our advanced materials and plating expertise, allows us to offer connectors which are capable of hundreds of thousands of insertions when properly specified. Even wiping interconnects can be made to withstand millions of rotations.
Probe Tips 

Signal Integrity

Bandwidths of 20 GHz and data rates of 12 Gb/S are possible with simple pin field interposers. This is due to Smiths Connectors’ remarkably short contacts and our expertise in predicting their behavior in application.

Interposers may also be made coaxial through the use of precision-machined insulators and metal interposer bodies. Smiths Connectors is the inventor of the independent coaxial spring contact probe, featuring a spring-loaded shielding plunger; this may be added to a connector to provide one or more discrete high speed lines.

DC StabilityProbe Eye Chart

Through innovative design features such as our patented Eccentric Drill, Smiths Connectors’ interposers maintain low and consistent contact resistance through their long insertion lives.

Maintaining peak performance through the required life of the interposer requires a careful selection of biasing features. Smiths Connectors maintains a staff of dedicated experts who can guide you to the optimal contact engine for your application.

Properly specified interposers can withstand the intense shock and vibration associated with aerospace and military applications, maintaining reliable contact without fail even when launched onboard munitions.100410 X-Ray

Smiths Connectors’ interposers can be designed to take advantage of spring contact probes’ surprising current carrying capacity. Individual contacts are capable of handling as much as 30 Amps in free air; combined with our advanced thermal analysis capabilities, connectors can be designed which can handle substantial amounts of power safely.
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