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Extreme temperature, vibration, salt spray, humidity, dust, and EMI/EMC are the vexing challenges which connector manufacturers need to take into account in the overall design process of alternative energy applications. Applications such as wind turbines are difficult to access, and so they require long life cycle, self-cleaning and vibration proof interconnect solutions that are designed to “fit and forget”, ensuring maintenance work can be reduced to a minimum. The function of energy generation poses multiple challenges associated with connecting high currents and voltages. For this, high reliability power connectors are mandatory.

Smiths Connectors utilizes unique superior and flexible solutions providing unrivalled performance in harsh environments encountered in alternative energy applications. We work closely with our customers to design and manufacture connector solutions to achieve optimal system performance with low cost of ownership. Our engineering expertise, rapid prototyping and pre-production capabilities enable Smiths Connectors to partner with our customers to develop current and next generation application solutions ideal for an ever changing marketplace. Our high-performance and reliable connections for data exchange and local power supply are ideal for implementing a modern control system. Our fiber optic connections are designed to be pluggable for different optical fiber types to meet the requirements of wind turbines.

Backplane Twinax Connectors

Standard housing configurations of P1 & P3 mounting dimensions while incorporating true differential pair contacts within the dimensional constraints. Data sampling rates exceeding 2 Gbit/sec can be driven via matched impedance differential pair interconnectos for board to board high speed data transfer as well as blindmate I/O plug in modular applications More

Custom C Series Connectors

C Series probes, renowned for their reliable performance in shock and vibration environments, housed in standard and customized connector footprints. More

Custom Interposers

Smiths Connectors integrates industry-leading spring probe technology with extensive design
experience to provide application-specific interposer solutions. More

Custom Mated Pair Spring Probe Connectors

Spring probe based compliant connectors designed with a mating contact. More

Custom Sealed Connectors

Spring probe embedded connectors designed with the most innovative gaskets and sealing technologies to ensure compliance with IP and MIL standard requirements. More

Custom Spring Probe Connectors

IDI spring probe technology utilized in custom connector designs. Mixed signal and functionality can be designed into a single connector. More

Fibre Channel D-Sub

The Fibre Channel D-sub connector series utlizes a multi-finger ground spring fixed around the shell to provide a multi-point contact engagement that affords superior EMI shielding.  More

Filtered Circular

Filtered connectors are designed to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of Series I, II, III and IV. These connectors are intermateable and interchangeable with standard non-filtered connectors. Shell styles include MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-83723 and MIL-C-26482. More

Filtered D-Sub

Filtered connectors are designed to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of the military specifications. These connectors are intermateable and interchangeable with standard non-filtered connectors. Shell styles include MIL-DTL-24308, MIL-DTL-83513 Micro-D and High Power Combo D-Sub. More

H Series

The Smiths Connectors H series is high density rectangular modular solution offering a combination of signal, power and coaxial contacts. The connector is ideal for test applications for the Automotive, Railway, Defense, Space & Industrial markets. More


Smiths Connectors HBB circular power connectors for all high-power, military and industrial applications, environmentally sealed and easy to use with quick release latching mechanism. Available in ruggedized metal and plastic versions. More

High Frequency Coax Contacts (MHC)

High Frequency Coax Contacts are engineered with a float mount design to assure high performance (low VSWR) at microwave frequencies by preventing any air gap at the mating interface.  More


The Hypermod series is a heavy duty modular rectangular solution mixing signal, power, and coaxial and high speed contacts. The IP67 rugged metallic shell makes the Hypermod connector resistant to shock and vibrations of the Rail and Industrial markets. The Hypermod Series is conforming to DIN 43652. More

L Series

L Series Connectors are high density, modular, rack & panel connectors that include Coax and High Current contacts up to 200 amps, as well as the patented Hot Plug contact. The L series is used in high demanding of applications where the environment requires durability, ruggedization and extended operating life. More

M12 Circular W Series

M12 Connector series has been specifically developed for applications where space or weight are at a premium. The compact and robust design incorporates hyperboloid contacts to provide an unrivaled performance. More

M23 Industrial Series L & S

The Smiths Connectors M23 signal connectors are ideal for motor-drive applications, including machine tools, robots, handling machines, and elevators, etc. They can be supplied either with machined or stamped contacts and therefore a hand-operated or fully automatic crimping process can be used. More

M23 Stainless Steel Circular S Series & L Series

M23 Stainless Steel connector series have been specifically developed for applications operating in highly corrosive environments. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel and advanced polymers, these connectors are ideally suited for use in the harshest of environments. More

M40 Circular P Series

The Smiths Connectors M40 series is qualified for heavy drive applications in mechanical engineering, tooling machines, robotics, mechatronics, printing, packaging, conveyors and marine. The adoption of crimp contacts allows for a consistent high quality connection and reduces the total installation time for a connector. More

M58 Circular V Series

The Smiths Connectors M58 series is qualified for high power applications in high voltage power generation, mechanical engineering, rolling mill drives, mechatronics, printing and paper making machines, conveyors and marine. They all feature outstanding protection against electromagnetic interference through a full 360° screen shielding. More

MDCX and MDHC Coax

Spring loaded High Frequency Micro-D Coax Connectors (MDHC) have a low VSWR up to 40 GHz (typ). These connectors have a constant 50 ohm airline impedance interface with a max overall diameter of .133" fitted into a low-profile metalized or plastic housing.  More

Micro Quadrax/Twinax

Micro Twinax connectors feature matched impedance miniaturized connectors that provide the user with controlled impedance and tightly spaced PCB footprint spacing. These connectors are available in true differential twinax packages of NDL, SMA and Micro-D. The micro quadrax connectors maintain the signal to shield impedance throughout the mated connector pair (quad configuration applications exceeding 1 Gbit/sec). More

Micro-D Twinax (MDTX)

Micro-D Twinax Connectors (MDTX) offer twinax blindmate assemblies fitted into a low-profile metalized Micro-D style shell. This series allows for modularity of PCB routing of high speed signaling capable of 100 Ohm differential pair matched impedance for IEEE 1394b firewire and gigabit Ethernet applications in a size 10 twinax contact. More

MIL-DTL-38999 Quadrax/Twinax

High Speed Interconnects including differential Twinax and Quadrax for high speed Ethernet, Firewire and Fibre Channel applications. Manufacturing to the following protocols: Fibre Channel, Ethernet (10 Base-T, 100 Base-T, 1000 Base-T), Firewire (IEEE 1394A and 1394B), USB, DVI and infiniban. More

MIL-DTL-38999 Shell Styles 20 & 26 Quadrax Connectors

Differential pair quadrax connectors offer superior performance in high speed matched impedance data-on-demand applications. The signal to signal and signal to shield characteristic impedance is maintained throughout the connector pair. More

N Series

The N Series provides a high density, modular rack & panel connector solution that includes coax and high current contacts up to 25 amps, and allows for up to 900 contact positions. More


The series includes straight and right angle cable mount and PCB mount connectors, in-series and between series adapters, as well as coax/triax transitional adapters, bulkhead receptacles and cable-bus terminators. More

REP Series

REP Series guarantees excellent reliability in extreme shock and vibration conditions while providing up to 500 mating cycles and high current ratings up to 18 A. More

Rugged D-Sub Quadrax/Twinax

Rugged D-Sub connectors are offered withtool back shells and polarized jack post hardware. This line of high-impedance connectors has been designed to ground the outer shield quadrax and twinax contacts directly to the shell of the connector.  More

Standard Spring Probes

Spring probes provide reliable electro-mechanical performance through hundreds of thousands of cycles.  They are available in a variety of sizes, spring forces and terminations. More