Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


Extreme temperature, vibration, salt spray, humidity, dust, and EMI/EMC are the vexing challenges which connector manufacturers need to take into account in the overall design process of alternative energy applications. Applications such as wind turbines are difficult to access, and so they require long life cycle, self-cleaning and vibration proof interconnect solutions that are designed to “fit and forget”, ensuring maintenance work can be reduced to a minimum. The function of energy generation poses multiple challenges associated with connecting high currents and voltages. For this, high reliability power connectors are mandatory.

Smiths Connectors utilizes unique superior and flexible solutions providing unrivalled performance in harsh environments encountered in alternative energy applications. We work closely with our customers to design and manufacture connector solutions to achieve optimal system performance with low cost of ownership. Our engineering expertise, rapid prototyping and pre-production capabilities enable Smiths Connectors to partner with our customers to develop current and next generation application solutions ideal for an ever changing marketplace. Our high-performance and reliable connections for data exchange and local power supply are ideal for implementing a modern control system. Our fiber optic connections are designed to be pluggable for different optical fiber types to meet the requirements of wind turbines.