Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


Smiths Connectors is the premier designer and manufacturer of test solutions for the semiconductor test market. Our sockets and probe card products utilize IDI contact technology to provide unsurpassed quality and reliability in testing applications.

Smiths Connectors is a pioneer in semiconductor contact technology with products supporting bandwidths up to 40 GHz and on pitches as fine as 200 microns.

We are a vital supplier to key global developers across the industry. Our engineering development and expertise allow us to support automated, system level and development platforms for area array and peripheral packages as well as wafer level, strip, and package on package (3D) test.

Array PoP Test - Euclid Series

Euclid PoP sockets are designed with the benefit of a variety of verification tools to ensure simultaneous engagement and alignment to both sides of the package.  Additionally  considerations are given to account for thermal, stress and tolerance influences of the test environment. More

Array High Speed Test - DaVinci Series

DaVinci sockets utilize an innovative IM material to permit a truly coaxial structure from tip to tip allowing for industry leading yields in a highly compliant contactor.


Array Standard Test

Smiths Connectors IDI is a leader in the design and manufacture of test sockets for array applications. We have an extensive portfolio of contact probes and design standards allowing for flexbility, cost effectivity and rapid delivery. More

Monet Probe Heads

Monet provides the conventional advantages of spring probe technology with an innovative contact design permitting robust contact on pitches as fine as 180 microns. More

Peripheral Strip Test - Gutenberg Series

Gutenberg sockets address requirements of the most advanced strip test applications.  They are designed for million cycle reliability and are particularly well suited to the aggressive auto-clean technologies prevalent in strip test environments. More

Peripheral Tri-Temp Test - Celsius Series

Celsius test sockets feature a wiping contact technology perfect for QFN testing.  The elastomer is utilized for load board compliance only and allows the contact to be cycled in temperature extremes with no change in contact force or reliability. More

Silmat® Elastomeric Test Socket

Silmat® is a patented, low profile contact engineered specifically to provide electrical and mechanical advantages in the Digital High Speed and PoP Top segments of the Semiconductor Test industry. More

Spring Probes

Spring probes provide reliable electro-mechanical performance through hundreds of thousands of cycles.  They are available in a variety of sizes, spring forces and terminations. More

Volta Series Probe Heads

Volta Series probe heads offer a high performance, cost-effective, easily maintainable alternative to cantilever and vertical probe card technologies. More