Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


Test equipment applications rely on the integrity of the components used within them. Our connectors ensure superior longevity with exceptionally low mating forces even when using high pin counts as requested in test applications, including microchips, wafer and burn-in, automotive testing and other high value components.

Smiths Connectors broad range of standard and custom PCB, modular, rectangular, and circular connectors solutions save valuable engineering and manufacturing time for our customers and ensure the overall reliability of the final product. We also offer a number of value added services to customers, including cable assembly, prototyping, instrumentation housing, electrical modeling and testing, and equipment qualification.

Smiths Connectors meets the requirement of the test & measurement applications by an optimum cost/performance ratio.

Custom C Series Connectors

C Series probes, renowned for their reliable performance in shock and vibration environments, housed in standard and customized connector footprints. More

Custom Interposers

Smiths Connectors integrates industry-leading spring probe technology with extensive design
experience to provide application-specific interposer solutions. More

Custom Mated Pair Spring Probe Connectors

Spring probe based compliant connectors designed with a mating contact. More

Custom Sealed Connectors

Spring probe embedded connectors designed with the most innovative gaskets and sealing technologies to ensure compliance with IP and MIL standard requirements. More

Custom Spring Probe Connectors

IDI spring probe technology utilized in custom connector designs. Mixed signal and functionality can be designed into a single connector. More

DJ/DK/DL/DM Series

The Smiths Connectors DJ, DK, DL, DM series are IP56 circular metal connectors equipped with signal and power hyperboloid contacts. They provide a unique quick disconnect push style and the user can easily check the right locking of the connector. They are ideal for Industrial and Test & measurement applications. More

H Series

The Smiths Connectors H series is high density rectangular modular solution offering a combination of signal, power and coaxial contacts. The connector is ideal for test applications for the Automotive, Railway, Defense, Space & Industrial markets. More


Smiths Connectors HDL test equipment signal connectors offer high reliability alternative to ZIF connectors for the demands of the Aerospace, Medical and Industrial markets. More


Smiths Connectors low profile, high density HDLP range of rectangular PCB connectors, designed for use in space-constrained applications that require low mating force, a high number of mating cycles, low and stable contact resistance, and excellent fretting corrosion resistance. More

KS Series

KS Series connectors offer up to 100,000 mating cycles, immunity to shock and vibration, current carrying capacity  up to 4 amps per contact and low insertion/extraction forces, eliminating the quality issues commonly associated with commodity connector solutions.  More

L Series

L Series Connectors are high density, modular, rack & panel connectors that include Coax and High Current contacts up to 200 amps, as well as the patented Hot Plug contact. The L series is used in high demanding of applications where the environment requires durability, ruggedization and extended operating life. More

Low Loss Coaxial Connectors

Complete series of high frequency low loss coaxial RF connector products with Type N, TNC & SMA & 2.4 mm interfaces. The low loss RF Coaxial Connector product offering includes High Frequency (DC 18 GHz) standard RF connector interfaces for a series of low loss RF cables such as LL 120, LL 142, & LL 393 type cable series. More

LSH Rack and Panel Power

Made with the superior Hypertac® hyperboloid technology, these connectors offer the ability to withstand shock & vibration fretting, with low insertion / extraction forces for easy mating. The LSH Series maintains its life cycle for 100,000+ mating cycles for an extremely low cost of ownership More

N Series

The N Series provides a high density, modular rack & panel connector solution that includes coax and high current contacts up to 25 amps, and allows for up to 900 contact positions. More

Standard Spring Probes

Spring probes provide reliable electro-mechanical performance through hundreds of thousands of cycles.  They are available in a variety of sizes, spring forces and terminations. More