Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


May 31, 2012

‘Fixed-Fixed’ Coaxial Contact Technology Meets the Need of Medical Customers for Durability and Longer Mating Cycles

Smiths Connectors announced a key expansion of its interconnect capabilities by unveiling the company’s new ‘Fixed-Fixed’ coaxial contact technology. The Fixed-Fixed coaxial contact is based on the well-known COAXTAC® double Hypertac® RF interconnect, a unique solution that is available for both standard and customized operating environments. 

For those customers who require, or desire, a PCB-to-PCB electrical connection, this innovative interconnect technology is unique in that it offers customers a solution that ensures that signal integrity is maintained when subjected to mating and un-mating cycling when both contacts on each side of the connection are rigidly terminated. A key differentiator associated with Fixed-Fixed is that the ‘float’ component is a function of the contact itself.

Additionally, the Hypertac Fixed-Fixed coaxial contact utilizes the renowned Hypertac ® technology within the female RF contacts in tandem with the bullet-nose outer pin shape of the male RF contacts. This enables the contacts to mate with sufficient float while maintaining the established reliability of the Hypertac COAXTAC technology.

A significant benefit of this technology is that it promotes an operating environment that allows for PCB-to-PCB RF connections that dramatically reduces wear and tear as well as degradation that can result in potential contact damage over time. The proven reliability of this contact technology delivers cost-saving benefits as it provides customers ease of maintenance as well as longer mating cycles.

“We have listened closely to our customers concerns, and what we can do to assist them in simplifying their overall design process,” said Vadim Radunsky, President of Hypertronics. “I believe that we’ve developed an innovative RF contact technology that is designed to meet the increased functionality needs of our medical customers. This is a unique coaxial contact technology allowing for PCB-to-PCB connection that delivers durability, cost-savings and longer contact life while controlling impedance and maintaining float. This represents a significant step forward, and one that will also deliver the long life and dependability of 25,000 mating cycles to customers.”