Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


September 10, 2012

Micro SnapTac Connector Series

Smiths Connectors, a business and world-leading provider  of high performance interconnect solutions announced  today that it has completed a comprehensive initiative,  designed to extend the range and over all capability of its  robust Hypertac SnapTac circular connector series, by  unveiling a new generation of miniature low-profile  connectors, the new Micro SnapTac Series. 

This is the latest entry in Smiths Connectors’ extensive portfolio and it incorporates all of the tried and tested  features and benefits that have been built into the Hypertac SnapTac connector family since its  initial introduction to the market in 2007. In real-world operating environments, the rugged and  compact Micro SnapTac family, that features lighter weight spring loaded contacts, has proven to be an interconnect solution that delivers a substantial level of robustness, high reliability, low contact resistance, high mating cycles and durability as well as enhanced signal integrity that sets it apart from competitive product offerings from across the industry.

Due to an innovative design process, these highly engineered solutions continue to lead the  way by delivering exceptional performance in the most demanding environmental conditions mwhile providing immunity to the shock and vibration that is associated with military applications.

This series represents the next step forward in showcasing the extended reach of SnapTac in satisfying customers’ needs for higher contact density in limited space for optimal performance.  “We have listened closely to the voice of our customers and we have clearly heard what they’ve  been telling us relevant to their interconnect needs and requirements,” said Gabriel Guglielmi,  Business Development and Strategy Vice President of Smiths Connectors. “The cutting-edge  features embodied in our new Micro SnapTac Series speak volumes in terms of differentiating  and setting it apart from competitive offerings. It provides further evidence of Smiths  Connectors ongoing commitment to remain as an industry leader in delivering best-in-class  solutions to the global customer community.” 

Compared to standard SnapTac connectors, the new generation has a reduced pitch up to 1.,27  mm allowing for higher density and low profile plugs and receptacles, offering exceptionally low  profile mated heights which gives designers greater flexibility within their design concepts.  The innovative connector solutions are available in 2 sizes: size 1 features 7 and 14 ways  configurations while size 2 is available in 14, 19, 24 and 42 ways. Micro SnapTac connectors are  offered in panel and cable versions with seven different codings to avoid mis-matching.

Different colour options are available and wide-ranging bespoke solutions can be designed on request. Micro SnapTac connectors also deliver outstanding performance over the course of a long  lifetime. The Series features an inherent self-cleaning wiping action and specifically designed  metallic and plastic protection caps are also available. Moreover, the nature of the electrical  spring loaded contacts significantly reduces fretting thus providing a greater level of reliability.

Additionally, the Micro SnapTac family offers quick and easy mating and unmating and IP68  sealing, both when mated and unmated.  These connectors are also designed for use with high speed data-audio-video transmissions to  connect the new electronic technologies used in modern combat systems. The Hypertac  technology supports the continuing development of wearable electronic solutions to optimise  recognition, communication and other critical tasks for today’s soldier.