Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


August 9, 2013

Innovative Medical Connectors

August 9th, 2013 Smiths Connectors offers the advantages of the technology brands of Hypertac, Sabritec and IDI with the increasing demand from our customer base to match their need for a fast and reliable tailored solution”, said Roberta Rebora, Vice President of Marketing and Communication. 

Capital cost pressure throughout healthcare is pushing the need for efficient medical devices closer to the patient, not only in hospital but also in GPs surgeries or physiotherapy clinics; early diagnosis and intervention outside of the classical hospital environment allows for a more flexible, economic delivery of services that benefits all parties. The traditional market for large MRI/NMI system will stabilize, whilst growth will be stimulated in portable and implantable devices utilizing telemedicine and robotic surgery. Themes such as miniaturization, digitalization, network connectivity, data security and battery power efficiency are key considerations for medical device OEMs moving forward. 

Imaging for surgery and process monitoring is a special focus. Furthermore, application security is becoming increasingly important, especially for mobile devices, which are used in emergency and into ambulances. Cost effective, easy-to-use equipment is increasingly important in the operation room, for Ambient-Assisted-Living-Systems and Home Care. Sensors, attached to the patient, measure various vital signs and report them via telemonitoring to the doctor. 

Matching all these trends is a challenge for the development of medical devices. The demands on the devices arise as more and more miniature parts and new materials are used. This means for medical connector manufacturers to produce constantly new innovative, highly reliable and robust micro- and miniature- interconnect solutions. 

The medical product range from Hypertac, a brand of Smiths Connectors, brings together ultra-reliable contact technologies and connector platforms adequate for solving some of the most demanding medical device development challenges in terms of size, security, speed, reliability and power handling. 

Together the other brands of Smiths Connectors – Sabritec and IDI - Hypertac offers a broad range of interconnect solutions for applications in diagnostic and imaging, therapeutic systems and many other medical devices. The immense variety of the product range is based on the collective Smiths Connectors expertise and application knowledge, which maximizes the customer benefit for standard and tailored interconnect solutions to be used in hospital environments, GPs surgeries and in the medical home care market. 

Due to increasing high density together with smaller and smaller sizes the electrical current density increases. This impacts ampacity, thermal output, insertion and extraction forces as also the contact integrity of the connectors. Due to their special contact performance Smiths Connectors solutions are ideal to meet these thermal, electrical and mechanical requirements. In addition, higher data rates and increasing bandwidth for transmission become key. The requirements for electrical interference resistance and transfer rates have considerably increased in the past few years, so connectors with higher EMC shielding are now needed. Smiths Connectors High Speed and Fibre Optics interconnect solutions offer high frequency and data transmission performance to a very wide frequency range. 

Smiths Connectors has set in Hypertac Germany the Centre of Excellence for medical technology within the European region, benefitting the customer with an extensive technology choice combined with global support. A dedicated engineering team with extensive know how and a focus on fast, accurate responses further supports customized solutions. The Smiths Connectors technology brands Hypertac, Sabritec and IDI can offer exceptional performance when critical applications require a technologically advanced, high quality, multi-pin electrical connection to ensure reliability and safety.