Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


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  • SH-3 and SHE-3 Series probes and receptacles
  • 14 A and 27 A current ratings
  • 7.00 oz. spring force
  • 1.310" (33.27 mm) overall length
Smiths Connectors offers two high current probe designs. The SH Series features a bias ball, which is the most aggressive biasing technique to aid in assuring a low and consistent resistance, cycle after cycle. The SHE Series features a bias spring, an effective biasing technique for many applications.

Product Specifications

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Centers Probe OAL Max Travel Current Rating Mating Receptacle
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  SH-3   Series 0.125 (3.18) 1.310 (33.27) 0.250 (6.35) 27 A Continuous RH-3 Series
SHE-3 Series 0.125 (3.18) 1.310 (33.27) 0.250 (6.35) 14 A Continuous RH-3 Series
Dimensions are in inches (mm) | All specifications are subject to change.