Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


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  • 50 ohm controlled impedance
  • High speed > 40 GHz / 26 Gbps
  • Outstanding thermal properties
  • Extreme rigidity, superior durability
  • Developed for > 0.65 mm pitch
  • Patented technology

Smiths Connectors’ DaVinci sockets for high speed test offer a revolutionary solution for production ruggedness and signal integrity. The unique IM material used in DaVinci’s construction permits a truly coaxial structure from tip to tip, yielding the industry-leading bandwidths available from a highly compliant contactor.

An internally developed product, IM is a conductive socket material which is selectively insulated with an exceptionally tough coating. This allows signal probes to be retained in the contactor in a coaxial structure without the use of sleeves or plates, producing matched impedance from one end of the probe to the other. This permits single ended bandwidths as high as 40 GHz and digital data rates of as much as 26 Gbps.

DaVinci products offer exceptional rigidity and dimensional accuracy, and are impervious to hygroscopic growth. They are thermally conductive, permitting control of device temperature from the lead side.