Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


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  • Memory-bearing, memory-less and manual test solutions
  • Advanced alignment features for both top and bottom devices
  • Refined analysis tools ensuring production ready solutions
  • Controlled impedance for maximum signal integrity
  • ATE and Manual test capability

Smith Connectors is a leader in the design and manufacturing of solutions for Package-on-Package (PoP) testing. Complex in its design, PoP test requires simultaneous engagement of both the top and bottom of the IC.

Smiths Connectors’ Euclid solution for manual test utilizes a top contactor assembly mounted to the handler. This assembly includes a PCB which presents a series of targets outside the periphery of the top contactor. The bottom contactor features a spring probe architecture which brings the signal from the tester interface PCB to the top PCB, routing the signal from the tester to the memory attachment features on the top of the package.

Our extensive array of design verification tools is invaluable to the design of Euclid products as alignment to each side of the package must be validated in all conditions; predicting and accounting for thermal, stress, and tolerance influences. Our Euclid manual test products incorporate a manual compression lid assembly containing the top contactor in place of the handler. In many designs, this lid carries the memory device as well.