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MarketID in (3,4)
  • Chevron-pattern six row contact arrangement
  • 1.905mm center-to-center contact spacing in each row and 1.905 row-to-row spacing
  • 0.6mm nominal pn DIA contact size; 150, 200, 300, 450 and 198 + (30 coax) contact positions
  • Dip solder and SMT soldering contact termination types
  • Metal shelled, modular design. high shock and vibration proof (no micro interruptions - test: 2ns)
  • Conforms to MIL-DTL-55302 general requirements

C9394 connectors are a LRM (in Line Replaceable Module) modular family designed, manufactured, tested and delivered in accordance to MIL-DTL-55302 general requirements so perfectly suitable with civil, military and space airborne applications but also adaptable for the most demanding market segments such as automotive and railway.

Based on the proven Hyperboloid contact technology, this metal shelled connectors series offers the benefit of the high density technology combined to a lightweight design guaranteeing high resistance to shock and vibration (no micro interruptions) and the elimination of fretting, with consequent reduction of wear rates which assist in avoiding system failure and down-time.

The C9394 series is available with 0.6 mm contact positions from 100 to 450 (including  custom solutions) with dip solder, wire wrappost  and surface mount tail termination types. Its six row chevron grid layout (1.905 mm pitch) is designed with cavities for ground, shielded, coaxial, databus and fiber optic contacts. Its flexible and easily adaptable features aim to fit with the most various custom requests.


Number of Rows/Ways     6
Pitch 1.905 chevron pattern
Contact Positions 150, 200, 300, 450
Contact Termination Straight through board solder, SMT
Nominal Current 4 A
Nominal Pin Dia. 0,6
Qualification MIL-DTL-55302

Materials and Finishes

Body     PPS Type GST-40F
Pin Contacts Copper-alloy
Socket contacts Copper-alloy, Beryllium-copper alloy
SMT termination Flex-circuit
Hardware        PPS type GPT-30
Shells Aluminium alloy
All specifications are subject to change without notice