Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


MarketID in (3,4,6,9,11)
  • Mixed power & signal PCB connector
  • Qualified at a system level on both civil and military programs
  • Rugged design
  • Signal & power high reliability contacts

Smiths Connectors HPW High density mixed signal & power PCB connectors. Rugged design, qualified for military and civil programs, suitable for Military, Aerospace, Industrial and Rail applications. 

Technical Characteristics

Contact number     63, 92, 100 & 107 ways
Contact Termination Right angle through board solder, Straight through board solder, Crimp
Nominal Contact Diameter size 22 0.75 mm; size 16 1.58 mm
Current Rating size 22 5 A; size16 15 A
Contact Resistance size 22 7 mΩ (max.); size 16 3 mΩ (max.)
Contact Mating Force (average) size 22 0.28 N; size 16 0.56 N
Contact Life Cycle >2,000
Breakdown Voltage between contacts 1,920 V AC (min) [sea level]
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1,400 V AC (min) [sea level]
Temperature Rating -55 to +125 degree C
Insulation Resistance 5 mΩ @ 500 V DC (min)
Insulator Material PPS
    Plating (mating surfaces)

Copper alloy
MIL-g-45204 gold plated
Guide Hardware

Stainelss steel
All specifications are subject to change without notice