Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


MarketID in (3,4,11)
  • Signal and HE 807 cavities for power and coaxial contacts
  • Two housing versions: ruggedized metal shell & plastic shell
  • ESA qualified: ESCC 3401/065
  • High density: up to 400 signal contacts

Smiths Connectors MHD Series is a high density PCB connector mixing signal, power and coaxial connectors. The MHD Series has been designed to resist to the high levels of shock and vibrations in the harshest environments of the Commercial Aviation and Space applications. 

The MHD connector is equipped with signal and HE 807 cavities for power and coaxial contacts. With a 0.5mm contact diameter, the series is available from 52 to 400 signal contacts with straight, surface mount tail and 90° termination styles and can support up to 32 power or coaxial contacts (2.00 contact diameter).  The metal shell improves system reliability by ensuring high levels of shock and vibration and by eliminating contact fretting, hence reducing wear rates and avoiding system failure and down-times. The MHD connector is ESA qualified. 

The MDD - metal shell connector - is available with a 100 and 200 contacts configuration. 

The MDP - plastic shell connector -  is only available on a 200 contacts layout. Developed in a monobloc receptacle version, the MDP series is a design to cost solution resulting then from a cost reduction of supply chain and assembly time. 


Number of Rows/Ways     4
Pitch 1.905 square grid HE807 cavities
Contact Positions 52 to 400
Contact Termination Right angle through board solder, Straight through board solder, SMT
Nominal Current 3 A Signal, 15 A Power
Nominal Pin Dia. 0.5, 2
Qualification ESA-ESCC 3401/065

Mechanical & Environmental Specifications

Mating Cycles 5000
Withdrawal forces ≤ 0.5N
Temperature Range -55°C +125°C

Materials and Finishes

Insulator Diallyl Phtalate UL94 VO (MHD/MDD), LCP Thermoplastic (MDP)
Frame Aluminium Alloy (MHD & MDD)
Contact Copper-alloy
Contact Plating Ni + Au
Guide   Brass + Ni or stainless steel


Contact Diameter Signal Ø 0.50mm
Power Ø 2mm
Contact Resistance Signal ≤12 mΩ
Power ≤2 mΩ
Current Rating Signal 3A
Power 15A
Voltage Rating 200V
All specifications are subject to change without notice