Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


MarketID in (3,4,8,11)
  • Includes: KA, KNB, KNC/KND and HPD/HPF Series
  • Mixed signal, power and coaxial contacts
  • ESA qualified: ESCC 3401 039
  • Guiding devices with or without polarization (16 keys available)
  • Termination styles: wire wrap, solder bucket and through board solder
  • 5000 mating cycles

55302 Compliant Connectors comes in 2 - 5 row configurations designed with the legendary Hypertac® Hyperboloid Technology. The 2 and 3 row series are equivalent to MIL-DTL-55302 and offer flexibility not available with other interconnects.  55302 Compliant Connectors were designed as high reliability printed circuit board connectors offering pin counts from 17 to 490 contacts which are widely used in defense, commercial aerospace and space applications.  Many versions are NASA qualified and specific ESA qualified part numbers can be found in the KNB & KNC/KND catalog pages.

55302 Compliant Connectors feature the Hypertac® contact and offer all the benefits found with this technology including:

  • Over 2,500 models can be constructed with available components
  • 0.100 [2.54] on center (adjacent rows offset by 0.050 [1.27] to allow straight printed circuit traces)
  • Straight dip, right angle solder, crimp, solder cup and Wire Wrap® terminations
  • 0.024 [0.60] diameter pins/sockets rated at 4 Amps
  • Average insertion/extraction force of 1 ounce per contact
  • Contacts removable from wiring side (front release, rear removable)
  • Front release, front removable option available on receptacle with 160 contacts
  • Alignment and keying provided by the end guides – 36 combinations (user changeable)
  • Male or female contacts and guides available in either plug or receptacle
  • Immunity to shock and vibration fretting