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MarketID in (10)
  • Ideal for pitches > 200 µm
  • Superior signal integrity
  • Short signal path < 3 mm
  • Stable C-res over 750K cycles
  • High degree of parallelism
  • Patented technology

Monet offers all of the conventional advantages of spring probe technology, with an innovative design that permits robust contact on pitches as fine as 180 µm. Featuring a conventional double-plunger probe design, Monet’s radically thin, embedded barrel concept enables low contact resistance, granting excellent DC test performance and very high current ratings with respect to the probe head’s pitch.

The patent pending Monet solution allows for the robustness, replaceability and compliance of the spring probe while also addressing the fine pitches and coplanarity required for WLCSP. 

Mechanical & Environmental Specifications

Pitch Range ≥ 200 µm
Height (test/range) 2.92mm / 3.32mm
Working spring force 17 gf @ 0.40mm
Recommended travel 0.40mm
Operating Temperature -55 ~ 150 °C


Loop self inductance 0.56 nH
Mutual capacitance 0.6 pF
Bandwidth @ -1dB 10 GHz
Contact Resistance < 180 mΩ
Current carrying capability ~ 1.5 A continuous
*Specifications for ≥ 200 µm pitch 150 µm available soon