Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


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  • Up to 50% increase in high-speed signaling cable length
  • Up to two times increase in data rate for given interconnect length
  • Improve the margin at the receiver end for a given signal performance
  • Re-use existing wire and cable to drive higher data rate signals
  • Entirely passive (no extra power required)

Passive Equalizer contacts operate up to 12.5  GBPS and fits inside a standard Size 8 twinax/quadrax contact cavity for all connector formats. The passive equalizer requires no external power and acts like a high pass filter operating over an extreme temperature range. This compensates for the frequency dependent cable loss and helps to re-open the eye  pattern on long cable runs allowing to pass higher data rates,  for a given cable length, or extend the length of your cable at existing data rates. 

Equalization is an important tool in any digital engineers toolkit. The robust ‘invisible to the user’ device will extend the reach of high speed digital signals without using any external system power or pc board real estate. It is intended for use in high speed (>2Gb/s) 100 Ohm differential pair interconnect applications. The unique design helps to offset those high frequency losses endemic to high speed digital interconnect paths that are primarily dispersive in nature. As an added benefit of its high pass characteristics, Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) is reduced as well as deterministic jitter. It is invaluable when trying to squeeze the last meter out of a cabling system that had been previously designed for slower data rate signals. 

Additionally, because of the nature of the equalizer it can be placed anywhere in the transmission path that is convenient to the system designer. 

  • Self contained in the contact no board real estate used
  • Decrease the wire gauge size to save weight and improve routability
  • Temperature range -40ºC to +125