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  • Rated to temperatures up to 200°C, pressure to 35K PSI, shock to 500 G and vibration to 10 G while mated
  • 360° of continuous contact
  • Low, stable contact resistance across temperature spectrum
  • High strength copper alloy body, gold over nickel plated
Smiths Connectors’ Vortex Series single-pin connector and boot kits deliver the high reliability required to transmit and receive critical data and power within the Oil & Gas industry. Specifically designed for MWD, LWD and wireline applications, the Vortex Series incorporates glass-to-metal technology with premium materials including high strength metal alloys, heavy duty polymers and sealing components fabricated from high end elastomeric materials, to construct hermetically-sealed, pressure-rated connectors.

Failure of the tool electronics package is the primary cause of rig downtime resulting in reduced productivity and increased costs. The Vortex Series provides a superior solution for protecting critical electronic assets from damage. The boot kit hyperboloid socket provides continuous contact with the single-pin connector ensuring stable, minimal contact resistance addressing industry demands for superior signal integrity, longer battery life, deeper drilling depths
and higher drilling speeds.

Delivering clear, uninterrupted and accurate data, the Vortex Series combats the extreme challenges customers face, enabling exploration of demanding geographies and geologies not accessible with industry standard products.


  • Superior protection of critical electronics in extreme downhole drilling and evaluation applications
    • High quality materials enable superior pressure sealing, temperature rating and chemical resistance 
    • Resistant to bending and extrusion
    • Hex/thread design for an increased retention mechanism
  • Longer battery life
    • Reduced heat build-up
    • Increased system MTBF/MTBM
  • Impeccable signal integrity
    • Continuous pin and socket contact offers superior signal clarity
    • Higher data resolution ensures more data output per hour
  • Deeper drilling depth
    • Pressure-tight seal offers protection against corrosive elements
    • Immune to thermal stress relaxation
  • Higher drilling speed
    • Constant wiping action mitigates effects of axial vibration minimizing fretting corrosion and gold wear
    • Improved efficiency and productivity