Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


November 10, 2014

Smiths Connectors Launches Rotatable M12 Connector Smiths Connectors has developed a new and enhanced type of a M12 connector with a die-casted, nickel-plated, rotating back shell that can mate with the common M12 connectors currently available across the global marketplace. This product offering was developed in direct response to rising market demands for high density, miniaturized electrical interfaces with custom outlet direction capability and availability for a growing number of industrial applications.

As the industrial automation and production segments continue to become more demanding, highly dynamic and exact motion sequences are mandatory. The footprint of operating environments continues to shrink dramatically in servo drives used in machine tools, packaging machines and industrial robots; as well as distribution panels in the rail market; and path controls, where multiple signals must be distributed centrally.

For such application scenarios, the flexibility of the cable outlet direction is expected to become a distinct advantage provided by products such as Smiths Connectors’ M12. The new M12 features all the advantages of hyperboloid contact technology (low mating forces, high vibration and shock resistance, very high number of mating cycles) in either machined or stamped form.

The assembly can be completed by an easy-to-open back shell and, in the locked and mated condition, the connector complies with the IP67 standard. Depending on coding, voltages up to 250V can be applied. The over voltage as well as the pollution degree are category III. The footprint of this M12 version is compatible with the common M17 connectors, available on the market. The outlet directions can be adjusted in 16 steps to a maximum angle of 330° and with a force of 1.0 – 1.1 Nm.

“As a global solutions provider, we can respond to the growing trend on the part of the worldwide customer community for interconnect products like the enhanced M12 that feature higher density in a smaller footprint,” says Gabriel Guglielmi, Smiths Connectors Vice President of Business Development and Strategy. “Today's global customers are looking to align themselves with full business partners, not simply suppliers. Smiths Connectors is such a partner, providing a suite of interconnect solutions that deliver the high performance and options our customers require to maintain a competitive edge.” 

In addition to this connector style, Smiths Connector offers a broad range of M12 connectors including over-moulded and free assembled plugs, receptacles and panel mount versions.